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Farmers For Lake Country (FFLC) provides expertise and guidance for the farming community so that water quality and soil health are improved and protected for the long term. FFLC works closely with the OWPP and Tall Pines Conservancy to assist with outreach, education and agricultural initiatives throughout the watershed.

In 2022, FFLC announced that the organization is expanding its footprint beyond the Oconomowoc Watershed thanks to additional funding from the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), as well as Tall Pines Conservancy and other private funders.

The increased funding from DATCP allows FFLC to work with farmers in several additional watersheds, including the Ashippun River, Bark River, Pewaukee River and parts of the Fox River. The expanded area stretches south to Mukwonago, west to Watertown, and north to Hustisford and Hartford. As a result, many more farms will now be eligible for cost share funding for water friendly practices such as cover crops, no tilling, and planting green into living cover.  

Vision:  Address priority areas in the watershed that are known to have elevated sediment and or nutrient losses to the waterways as a result of soil erosion and / or nutrient runoff so that water quality is protected for the long term and soil health is sustained at a high level.

Mission:  Provide expertise and guidance for the farming community in the Oconomowoc Watershed so that water quality and soil health is protected for the long term.


Farmer Education Events – These free sessions help farmers to get a better   understanding of the excellent funding available through NRCS for aerial   seeding of cover crops and many other Best Management Practices.  Other  topics include strategies being implemented by local farmers that are   protecting land and water resources.  

Aerial Cover Crop Seeding Program In 2020, the group completed its fourth aerial cover crop planting program.  Oats, barley, wheat and other custom blends were flown into standing corn and soy beans. Please contact Darrell Smith for more information:

Cell: 414-313-4323 * E-mail: dsmith.earthcare@gmail.com