Farmers for Lake Country is a farmer-led group managed by the
education and engagement in conservation cost-share programs.The
objectives of these programs are to improve soil health and help preserve
and protect our lakes and streams.

Vision:  Address priority areas in the watershed that are known to have elevated sediment and or nutrient losses to the waterways as a result of soil erosion and / or nutrient runoff so that water quality is protected for the long term and soil health is sustained at a high level.

Mission:  Provide expertise and guidance for the farming community in the Oconomowoc Watershed so that water quality and soil health is protected for the long term.


Farmer Education Events – These free sessions help farmers to get a better
understanding of the excellent funding available through NRCS for aerial
seeding of cover crops and many other Best Management Practices.  Other
topics include strategies being implemented by local farmers that are
protecting land and water resources.

IMG_0913         waterfriendlyfarm        FieldTechnologyDay2

Water Friendly Farm Program – Identifies farmers who consistently utilize Best Management Practices within their farm operations to improve local water quality.

Aerial Cover Crop Seeding Program In 2018, the group completed its second aerial cover crop planting program.  Oats, barley, wheat and other custom blends were flown into standing corn and soy beans.

Please contact Tom Steinbach for more information:

Cell:  262-302-1466 * E-mail:


 In Partnership With

Tall Pines Conservancy and the Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program