Land Conservation Options

Farmers for Lake Country is in partnership with Tall Pines Conservancy, whose mission is to preserve our rural heritage by protecting remaining farmland, water resources and natural areas and open spaces adjacent to and impacting Northwestern Waukesha County.

One very effective method to protect your farm for future generations is through a conservation easement with Tall Pines Conservancy.

What is a conservation easement?

Tall Pines Conservancy protects the majority of local land and water resources by placing conservation easements on land. So, what is a conservation easement – and how does it benefit both our community and the property owner?

A conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and a qualified organization, such as TPC, that restricts certain uses of the land to protect natural resources, including agriculture, from development. 

Don’t worry! Land subject to an easement remains privately owned and allows the landowner to farm, educate, recreate and live on that land in such a way that sustains its resources. An easement runs with the land even with a change of ownership, so while owners may come and go, TPC’s partnership and commitment to preserve the conservation values unique to that property will always remain. 

A commitment to protect your land is a gift to future generations.
There are also tax benefits available should you choose this path. If you would like to learn more about the numerous benefits of conservation easements, explore if your land meets our criteria for protection or begin creating a partnership to protect the land that you love forever, contact our Executive Director, Susan Buchanan at (414)559-7460 or to learn more.

Why Protect Farmland?

Farms and farmland are essential assets of healthy, vibrant communities. Wisconsin farms produce food, fibers, fuel, wildlife habitat, environmental services, education and recreational opportunities for everyone while also contributing over $100 billion to our state’s economy each year.

However, recent trends show mounting pressures on this resource. Ready for some staggering facts? Development irreversibly consumed more than 1 million acres of agricultural land in Wisconsin over the past decade. This, paired with consolidation of farms and other market forces, resulted in a statewide loss of nearly 10% of dairy farms in 2018 alone. This trend is irreversibly changing the rural landscape of our State! Almost two-thirds of all U.S. farmland is managed by someone over 55 years old, while young farmers struggle to overcome the financial barriers of securing long term land tenure.   

Securing farmland for future generations of farmers helps to ensure the vitality and resiliency of our rural heritage and local communities including providing local food sources. By protecting your land with TPC, you can play a crucial role in providing opportunities for the next generation of farmers while preserving the open spaces that define our Lake Country landscape. If you have farmland you would like to protect, or would like to learn more about the issues facing Wisconsin farmers and how you can be part of the solution, please contact us!

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